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I am a member of Baily's Fitness...have been since 1984. while i was living in CO i received a request for payment from them about a debt from a yomso who used my last name and address to do his dirty work.

i am not concerned about this linking to my creditability BUT....i have called Bally's those years ago and explained that someone has scammed them and they said they would take care of it. my last name is a very unusual and uncommon name and its frequency is very rare. Ballys stopped sending notices to me after I moved to AZ. Now I am still receiving notices from a collection agency for this *** who used my last name and address.

I kindly notified them several times of the situation and another notice yesterday...i am not worried about credit fraud as it relates to me, but this *** is using my last name....that is important to me! also, i always feel responsible to follow through on things hanging out. i called FBCS (the collection agency) 2200 Bayberry Rd. #120, Hatboro PA 19040, 18665948441 to explain AGAIN!!

in my final attempt at clearing MY matter up with them. i first talked to their representative just to explain and put the matter to rest?? again! (i do not want to get any more notices for patrick!!!) i was trying to explain why i was calling and she told me not to worry and just hung up.

that upset me!! (this has been an issue for 5 years!!)...i called back 18665948641 and told Adrian i had been hung up on earlier and we were both determined to make our points....i lost and she hung up.... i called back again and talked with Omar B. who was more civil (although i was loosing patience but at no time was irrational).

I told Omar that I had been hung up on twice and needed to talk with the manager of the company. I

then called (the mgr?) at 18002202018 x 3273. I tried to explain the situation and he started an argument and that 'derogatory' attitude of voice.

He would not listen and was rude (i was firm but not rude)...he couldn't see why i was calling him and wouldn't listen....just jab and gab. i could see that as manager?

why his company had little or no company service. after all of this effort on my part he let me know that it was my privilege that he had taken me off the mailing list for his debt notices. (how do i know?? why should he be trusted?

i have made several earlier requests and why is it still such a problem with them? he tried to be smart with me with no success. after this i reminded him that he was in the wrong business and that an apology was in order.

his apology was 'thank you' in a sarcastic tone and then hung up on me (3rd time).

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1182939

Out of business and into JAIL!!!! Shysters nothing less!!!!


Update on their 800 number. It is out of service now, and no new number shows up on the billing statement from my deceased father's bank. Reckon they'll go *** when I close the account out?


I've been receiving calls from these people. I've had this mobile phone (and number) for a year, and I finally got tired of them calling.

I called them today at 1-800-220-2018 and asked them to remove my number. I got the name of one of the managers there and threatened to report them, so hopefully they won't call anymore.


The same exact thing happened to me today. The manager used uncouth and ill-mannered tone while screaming at me!!

I was in shock...

I think the FTC should shut them down. Their hardball tactics went a little too far.

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